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Meghan DeLong

Meghan DeLong is the mom of 3 boys and an Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Therapist who graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Education from Western New England University and her Master's Degree in Social Work from Sacred Heart University. She has extensive experience working with children and families who are experiencing challenges with their developmental health and mental health. Early on her career she worked as a speech therapist, a developmental therapist, and an educator but shifted her focus to Social Work after she adopted two infants in 2015.

On Mother's Day 2017, her oldest son Conner was involved in a furniture tip over incident in their home, at just two years old, and died as a result of his injuries. Since that time she has been devoting her time, energy, and passion into putting an end to furniture tip over injuries and deaths. She is the founder and President of the non-profit organization Conner's Legacy Foundation, Inc and a founding member of Parents Against Tip-Overs (PAT). She serves on the Board of Directors for PAT and the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO). She partners with many local agencies and organizations to raise awareness in the community on the dangers of furniture tip-overs and promote safer home environments for children and families. She hopes to merge her social advocacy skills with her clinical social work skills to promote social change and provide families with support and interventions to process trauma and cope with challenging situations.

Board Member at Large: TeamMember
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